Conference Topic

Main Theme

Industrial Engineering: Novel Applications and Original Theories  


1- Novel Applications of Industrial Engineering in

  • Electronic and Startup Businesses (including Networked and Smart Business)
  • Health Systems
  • Urban Systems
  • Stock Market,Banking and Insurance Sector
  • Risk and Disaster Management and Business Continuity Management
  • Sustainable Development (Social Responsibility and Environmental Impacts of Product Life Cycle) 
  • Resistive Economy
  • Tourism Sector
  • Energy and Water Systems (Oil,Gas,Petrochemical Products,Renewable Energies)
  • High-Tech Industries (Nanotechnology,Biotechnology,…)
  • Integrated and Intelligent Logistics Systems
  • Advanced Production Systems


2- Original Theories

  • Exact Solution Methods for Complex Problems
  • Novel Techniques for Game Theory models and Mechanism Design
  • Novel Uncertain Programming Methods
  • Soft System Thinking methods
  • Soft Computing
  • Data Science and Data Driven Optimization
  • Organizational Assessment Techniques and Methods
  • Network Analysis Methods

Publishing Opportunities

Selected papers will be asked to be developed into full papers after the conference to be published on the following journals:
  • Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISC-Indexed)
  • Scientia Iranica (ISI-Indexed)
  • Journal of Industrial Engineering Research in Production Systems (ISC-Indexed)